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The Sleep Center is a physician-owned, diagnostic sleep facility in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. I am Jessica, a registered nurse at the sleep center, exploring every avenue of sleep medicine and sharing my discoveries with you.

Hello!  We are starting a new series on our blog where Dr. Hooper will personally answer all your sleep-related questions.  Leave a comment here with your question and it could be featured! To read more about Dr. Hooper’s background, click … Continue reading

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American Academy of Sleep Medicine Reacreditation

We are proud to announce that The Sleep Center has achieved continued accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for 5 more years beginning September 2013.  Building on our decade of accredited service, we look forward to continuing to … Continue reading

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We are proud to announce that beginning on November 1st, 2010, The Sleep Center will be contracted with the entire Great West insurance network! This is in addition to our contract with CIGNA.   Not sure if we’re contracted with your … Continue reading

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New and Improved

There have been some exciting changes at The Sleep Center!  We have moved, changed our name, and started fresh.  We have the same staff and accreditation.  I’m pasting our official “We’ve Moved” statement below!  Feel free to call, email, or … Continue reading

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Snoring, more serious than you may think.

There are many incorrect beliefs regarding snoring, including that it is a common occurrence.  Snoring can be more than an obnoxious sound for a bed partner; it can be indicative of obstructive sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is fatal in some … Continue reading

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What is a MSLT, you ask?

So your doctor ordered a MSLT…what in the world is that? A MSLT is a Multiple Sleep Latency Test performed in a sleep center.  It is a series of nap sessions that are scheduled two hours apart.  During each nap … Continue reading

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Sleepy Sleepersons, Part 1

Check out this little guy! Such a little cutie patootie. Don’t you wish you could still sleep like that?  Oh to be a kid again…

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